sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2015

Rites of Initiation The Dark Side - Documentary by Gilberto Macuacua - Homem que e Homem

By Gilberto Macuacua -
Rites of Initiation  are a very important cultural component in the process towards the definition of the identity of some communities in Mozambique. It is during this process that values are transmitted defining how boys and girls will behave in future, not only from a social perspective, but also in terms of their sexuality. However, this process embodies dangerous elements to the lives of women and they violate their human rights. This also happens to the boys. Therefore, the documentary “Initial Rites – The Dark Side” that we have produced, clearly portraits the drama in which women live in relation to sexual collective and systematic violations that they suffer in the name of culture during the male initial rites in the north of Mozambique and the enormous injustice practices they suffer from their partners, the community, justice institutions, among others in order to call the attention of the whole society in general as well as from the relevant entities to end this evil.
In this documentary has triggered strong emotions from viewers, especially when the victims talk first-hand about their experiences and the pain they suffer until today.
 Apart from the victims, the documentary brings remarks from the community leadership, the local government, initial rites’ masters, young people who went through initial rites, religious leaders, members of the civil society, health personnel, police officers and court staff members who are in possession of cases of violation and they all talk first hand.